Big Names in Plant Based

An innovative launch in the plant-based drinks space is ready to make a splash with its blend of multiple plant-based ingredients – an a newcomer to traditional plant-based milk formulation.

Bastien and Elisa Eymery, a sibling duo from London, developed pioneering milk, Lilk, after being left disappointed in their search for a single plant-based drink solution which tasted just as good in tea, coffee and by itself. Lactose intolerant Elisa identified a market need for a dairy milk alternative which was equally as versatile.

After initial at-home experimentation with numerous combinations of ingredient bases, the Lilk founders enlisted the help of food scientists to refine the perfect plant-based milk which proved a success in consumer trials.

The Lilk brand comprises of two signature blends:

The Common Blend

Retailing at £1.80/1L, the versatile formulation combines oat and rice milk to create a neutral flavour with a texture akin to dairy, offering a satisfying alternative to traditional dairy drinks.

The Lush Blend

The second SKU blends oat, coconut and quinoa to create a more indulgent solution to its sister drink, whilst still being versatile enough to be complimentary to a variety of occasions. Its more premium characteristics place the drink at a slightly higher retail price of £1.95/1L.

A Less-Waste Innovative Format

Lilk will be available in a 1L SIG Combidome bottle, a format made possible with their exciting partnership with us at Framptons. Our Somerset facility’s SIG Combidome capability means that the uniqueness of the Lilk formulation is made even more apparent by its packing within an equally original carton format.

Being packed in the efficiently produced and fully recyclable Combidome means that both the Common and Lush blend will contribute to less waste than its existing competitors. Lilk ingredients are also proudly primarily sourced from within Britain and Europe, with a third organic SKU soon to be added to the already impressive range.

At Framptons, we’re thrilled to be embarking on this partnership with Lilk and facilitating a co-packing solution so well suited to the brand mission and values. If you would like information on how we can pack your product in the SIG Combidome, contact our friendly team at